The Wise Old Woman by Yoshiko Uchida


The Wise Old Woman by Yoshiko Uchida


Glencoe pages 9-17

Read the selection.

Answer the questions on page #1-6 plus the vocabulary and the Writing activity

Scaffolded Responses

  1. The Lord Higa made 3 demands and the wise old woman had solutions for each.
    1. The first demand was to…
    2. The Lord Higa then demanded…
    3. The final demand…
  2. I think the wise old men of the villiage could notsolve Lord Higa’s problems because…
  3. This folktale makes the point about people who have power over others.  The point it makes is that ______________ .  I think this because ____________________________.
  4. I think this folktale would be different if it was told from the old woman’s point of view because…
  5. I believe that the farmer went against the lord’s decree (order) because ____________________.  I think that the effect of his decision was that …
  6. In the story, the farmer depended on his mother and the mother depended on the son.  The way they show they can count on one another is that…

Vocabulary and Writing as on page 17


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